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Blunt Wrap - Double Platinum Wrap

Among flavoured blunts, Blunt Wraps Double Platinum have been one of the most popular classic brands ever since - not least because of their intensive aroma and their huge variety of flavours.
Wether fruity, exotic or classically sweet - there is something for every taste.

They are made in the Dominican Republic, where the production of cigars has always been a great tradition. So it is quite evident where Blunt Wrap cigar leaves get their authentic caribbean spirit from.  

  • Premium wrap
  • 2 wraps per pack

Available in 4 flavours :

  • Purple
  • Bubblegum (Pink)
  • Cherry (Maroon)
  • Chocolate (Brown)
  • Blueberry (Blue)
  • Watermelon (Jade)
  • Berries (Silver)
  • French Vanilla (Ivory)
  • Apple Martini (Green)
  • Strawberry Kiwi (Red)
  • Wild Honey (Gold)
  • Mellow Mango (Yellow)